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‘Clairsentient’ Magic Mirror
$ 250.00

‘Clairsentient’ Magic Mirror

Being clairsentient is a way of feeling something without the physical senses. Clairaudience is psychic hearing, claircognizance is knowing things instinctively, and clairvoyance is seeing the future, or sometimes the past, even of a perfect stranger.

Clairsentience definition is simple: it means having a clear sensation. You intuitively feel and sense through different kinds of physical or emotional stimuli from other people or from the environment around you.

You can get these feelings of clairsentience from spontaneous physical sensations through your stomach; for example – tingling, contractions, and pressures in your body….

You can also receive this information through negative or positive emotions. You feel happiness or sadness in a relationship due to the nature of the sensations you are connected with.

When you act as a clairsentient or if you do it intuitively, you are able to pick up and tune into the energy around you.


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