Custom Symbol felt hat

  • $ 27.00

🌚CUSTOM SYMBOL HATS!!🌚 This is a concept I made four years ago before Aurafy was born! I wanted a personalized symbol hat just for me, to empower me when I wore it. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it over the years, I decided to offer it for everyone else! Each one will have the four elements (which are interchangeable with each other depending on the way you wear the hat) The symbols for Earth, The Sun, a crescent moon, a pentacle, the symbol for your sun sign, and the planet associated with it.  This gives you the option for 3 special symbols of your choice! There is a list of symbols in the listing for you to choose from.

hats are size 57cm which is 22.44inches! 

Please measure your head before purchasing!!

Please choose from the list of symbols and write them in the notes section. If I do not receive the symbols you want, I will reach out to you via email.


If you’re a local to Southern California, you will have the option for LOCAL PICKUP at the Santa Ana event called Witch Walk hosted by Hype Preistess  



@witchwalkdtsa is an all inclusive event for witches, brujarias, artists, tarot readers, energy workers, LGBTQIA+ and so many more to showcase their work. It’s presented by our talented and powerful @hypepriestess ! If you’re in the greater SoCal area, come out and support our locals!!!