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Emerald and Kunzite amulet  for Shaela
$ 188.88

Emerald and Kunzite amulet for Shaela

Thank you so much love!

when Emerald  comes into our lives, it is time To bring your spirit close and listen, you are in need of love. The time for healing has come, go in word and leave no stone unturned. At this time in your life, truth is your best friend, channel all your experiences through the heart, if it is not unconditional it should be discarded.

Emerald also reminds us that what we are facing in life is a lesson , Just a steppingstone into understanding and back to your infinite self. When you were right with him, your outer world will follow. Money is not abundance, love is, Be the love, the money will come where it’s needed. New guidance maybe waiting for your recognition.

the spirit of the dolphin is with you, go to the ocean and listen through your heart, let each breaking waves pass through and heal you. 

Affirmation “In truth, love and peace, I am healed”



When Kunzite  Comes to you, she has come to activate the heart and open you to a new level of love both internally and in the world around you. Kunzite reminds us that as the world around us evolves and changes, the levels of love and activities that must be undertaken to recognize that love also vary.  She comes as a messenger, entering life when we are missing some thing that the world around us is offering; she has come to help you see through the heart and receive what you deserve, not by defining it, but simply knowing it is there in absolute open hearted, deserving trust.

in the coming days, hold your judgments, mental chatter and perceptions and trust your feelings without the need to label them, just feel your way. Let your heart be your guide and unconditional love that surrounds us all will have a chance to enter your life. Just as a falling tree in the forest won’t break the eternal silence if there is no one there to hear it, unconditional love will also be all around you if you simply allow it and don’t limit it with the mind.

affirmation: “In Peace, I walk the path of the active heart”