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*I AM* Angel Healer Spiritual Tool
*I AM* Angel Healer Spiritual Tool
$ 333.00

*I AM* Angel Healer Spiritual Tool

*I am*🌈 Crystal Wand ✨ comes with deep wisdom and understanding of it ALL. I love the pink and black spectrum of this wand.

Lemurian Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Aura Agate Angel Wings, Onyx Moon and chatoyant Pietersite make up this one of a kind wand 333🌌

Made with love from the Archangel Sammael. Choose harmonious responses. Act with wisdom and grace.

💎Lemurian Quartz filled with rainbow light to amplify your intentions.

💖Rhodochrosite for self love.

🖤Onyx for self control and discernment.

🌌Pietersite for deep spiritual awareness.