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Raw Emerald Amulet no.1
Raw Emerald Amulet no.1
$ 80.00

$ 111.00

Raw Emerald Amulet no.1

Raw emerald from the Congo and a gem grade faceted Kunzite (that totally looks like a gum drop)

comes with 18” sterling silver curb chain.  

made with intense unconditional love which (with intention) will radiate from you and around you. 

  • Emerald stimulates healing, connection to spirit & guidance
  • Unconditional love and emotional balance
  • Dolphin spirit

when Emerald  comes into our lives, it is time To bring your spirit close and listen, you are in need of love. The time for healing has come, go in word and leave no stone unturned. At this time in your life, truth is your best friend, channel all your experiences through the heart, if it is not unconditional it should be discarded.

Emerald also reminds us that what we are facing in life is a lesson , Just a steppingstone into understanding and back to your infinite self. When you were right with him, your outer world will follow. Money is not abundance, love is, Be the love, the money will come where it’s needed. New guidance maybe waiting for your recognition.

the spirit of the dolphin is with you, go to the ocean and listen through your heart, let each breaking waves pass through and heal you. 

Affirmation “In truth, love and peace, I am healed”