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Sulfer Specimen no.2
Sulfer Specimen no.2
$ 88.88

Sulfer Specimen no.2

This naturally electric ⚡️ yellow 🍋 crystal is S U L F E R. Yep, the absolutely, positively poisonous mineral. (I washed my hands immediately after this.)
I am updating Aurafy this Friday 6/at 11:11 am pst. with new pieces, including these quality #sulfer clusters.
🧀Sulphur can be found as a sublimate from volcanic gasses associated with Cinnabar, Realgar, and other minerals.

🍳It’s also historically referred to as brimstone because of its association with the smell of rotten eggs.

🎾Sulphur crystals do not give off an odor, though, but it should not come in contact with any liquids.

💛Yellow crystals connect to and balance our solar plexus. This Boosts Our self confidence and energizes us.

✨Are you stubborn? Willful? Find it hard to let go? Short fuse? It will help calm your over willfulness and stubbornness so that you can truly see the reality of a situation.
😌Sulphur can help you become a more patient and calm person in any kind of situation.