Venus Offering shell dish no.2

  • $ 135.00

One of a kind, ceramic shell dish, forged with molten metal which was used to adorn this stunning piece with crystals. Crystals used are A rainbow aura leaf, Golden Sheen obsidian laser etched with the flower of life aura and a clear quartz twin points.

A perfect place to burn Palo Santo (or other herbs and incense) as an offering to the goddess Venus. As the goddess of love, fertility, beauty and sexuality, pray to her when you need more of these in your life.

This piece also comes with a cork to stick inside the copper tube, for safely burning incense sticks.

Venus is my go-to diety. I love all aspects of her. I noticed when I give her more attention that the attributes she rules  manifest easier into my life! Which is exactly why I made this offering dish, and I wanted to share it with someone very special. 

This is the second of a summer series, and each one will be uniquely different from the next. Just like us 😊💗