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About Aurafy

Hello angels! My name is McClure, the founder of Aurafy. I run this by myself with help from my wonderful Mom in the shipping department. We strive to co-create with treasures from nature, powerful healing tools that can be accessible to All. For many years, I have been inspired and healed by precious gems and minerals, collecting different types of specimens and integrating them into my energy healing practice. In 2011, I studied massage therapy, reiki, and crystal healing. This is when my journey of working with crystals truly began!

Since establishment in October 2015, we have been rapidly growing and expanding. We are happy to be one of the few (if not only) shops that coats and distributes our own aura crystals. We have a variety of types of coated crystals, including clear quartz, amethyst,  aragonite, kyanite, vanadinite, obsidian, opalite, rose quartz and many more! We also experiment with coating altar pieces, angels and other precious statues made out of glass or porcelain.

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Or text me at 714-444-AURA (2872)

McClure Baldwin

We are located in Orange, California.