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Ammonite, Onyx and Garnet ring size 5.5
Ammonite, Onyx and Garnet ring size 5.5
$ 222.00

Ammonite, Onyx and Garnet ring size 5.5

Discover the regal essence of our Ammonite, Onyx, and Garnet Ring in size 5.5 at Aurafy inc. This exquisite statement piece, designed for a High Priestess, features an Ammonite Fossil, deep black Onyx, and a rich red Garnet, all set within a sterling silver ring base and lead-free silver alloys.

The Ammonite symbolizes the cycles of life, urging you to embrace the journey rather than solely focusing on the destination. Each swirl and curve in the fossil tells a tale of endurance and transformation. The deep black Onyx exudes strength and protection, while the intense red Garnet adds a touch of passion and vitality.

Wear this ring as a powerful talisman, embodying the wisdom of cycles and the strength derived from deep within. Crafted with precision and adorned with meaningful gemstones, this ring is a unique fusion of style and spiritual significance.

Elevate your presence with the Ammonite, Onyx, and Garnet Ring—where ancient wisdom meets contemporary elegance. Explore more at Aurafy inc  

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