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Aura Obsidian Snake Amulet
Aura Obsidian Snake Amulet
$ 333.00

Aura Obsidian Snake Amulet

Introducing our Aura Obsidian Snake Amulet on a sleek 16" stainless steel chain – a harmonious blend of mystical elegance and modern style. This striking amulet is crafted with Aura Obsidian, radiating an otherworldly shimmer that adds an ethereal touch to your ensemble.

The snake, meticulously carved from Aura Obsidian, embodies transformation and protection. Its sinuous form captures the essence of mystery and wisdom, making it a powerful symbol that resonates with both ancient lore and contemporary style.

Suspended from a durable 16" stainless steel chain, this amulet offers a seamless combination of strength and sophistication. The stainless steel chain not only complements the aura obsidian's mystic allure but also ensures longevity and resilience in your daily adventures.

Wearable as a pendant or an amulet, this piece invites you to carry the transformative energy of the snake and the captivating aura of obsidian wherever life takes you. Elevate your style and embrace the enigmatic beauty of our Aura Obsidian Snake Amulet.

Adorn yourself with mystic grace,
Aurafy Inc